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Carpet Cleaning / Rug Cleaning

At Hi-Tech Floor Cleaning we implement a thorough Carpet cleaning service that restores your carpets, making them look fresh and new removing bacteria, dirt and spills through a deep carpet cleaning process.

With our hot water extraction machine we remove stains and all harmful bacteria, air quality in your environment will improve due to effectively killing dust mites, bacteria and dust particles, a healthier environment for your family.

Firstly the carpet area is vacuumed (if required) followed by pre spraying the carpeted area, stubborn stains are treated and removed individually and then the ‘agitation’ process commences to ensure we get the best possible results.
Our high quality machines then releases steam and water deep into the carpet, and then immediately extracting the dirt with our highly powerful vacuum system leaving your carpet to dry a lot quicker.

On completion we then deodorize the area leaving your carpets smelling fresh and clean.