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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Who hasn’t tried cleaning their own tiles by hand? It’s time consuming, messy and not to mention you may be using the incorrect product for your type of tiles.
It’s also impossible to get the professional results that we, Hi-Tech Floor Cleaning can get for you by booking us in to do your tile and grout service.

Is your tile and grout covered in dirt, Mildew or mould that a normal mop fails to clean? At Hi-Tech Floor Cleaning we can restore your tiles and get your grout lines back to their original color through using our specialised equipment and best available products.

When you contact our company for a quote, the first process will be to provide a tile test; this helps us to determine the best process and product to use on your floors as every floor surface is different and requires different products to get the best results.

On arrival of the job, our equipment is set up and we then commence mopping the tiled area with the selected cleaning product (from test) and commence agitation to the grout lines and tile. This process is done to remove deep stains and ensure the best results are given to the customer.

This is then followed; by using our high-powered equipment, a high-pressured water and vacuum combination machine that extracts dirt from the tile and grout restoring your tiles. This is a gentle process on your tiles, lastly followed by an after mop using a high quality streak free product leaving your floors looking amazing.

We can also recommend products to use on a daily basis to prolong the life of your grout lines.

Sealing Grout Lines
Once the tiled area has been cleaned professionally we also offer a grout line sealing service that creates a protective barrier over the grout lines. Hi-Tech Floor Cleaning use a highly recommended product to protect and ensure longer lasting clean grout lines.